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Some cool about pet animals images:

about pet animals
Image by rfduck
Sometime in 1990 we adopted two kittens and named them Flash and Midnight. Midnight you've already met (if you haven't, check out other photos in this set). This is a picture of Flash, taken when he was about six years old. Unfortunately, he contracted kitty lukemia late in his life and died sometime in 1997. He was a great cat and will always be missed.

Apologizes for the poor quality. Blurry or not, this is still a cute shot. I have other shots of him scanned, so I'll post those at a later time.

Mr. Socks
about pet animals
Image by saph1re76
Friday night we stop by a pet store and saw the cutest hamsters, all the way home my hubby couldn't stop talking about it. He loved the white paws and goatee, so yesterday I came home with a furry surprise! Welcome Mr. Socks!