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Nice Video Of Animals photos

Check out these video of animals images:

video of animals
Image by jurvetson
Prepping the Flight Computers, all from G-Wiz Partners.

The triad bay on the left comes from the heart of my GLR Sledgehammer, and it holds three pods (for redundant flight computers + GPS/RF telemetry).

The blue light is on my shiny new HCX computer, which can take 112 g’s and will log speed and altitude continuously to an mini-SD card so I can get a graph of the flight details afterward. This will be fun for the multiple airstart motors I plan to fly on Saturday for the Brighthawk’s first flight.

The middle pod is a retrofit from my supersonic Firestorm54, which I use in my kevlar-wrapped LOC Expediter with strap-on videocam. It has my old “beater” LCX computer which has a damaged barometric sensor from the various BP explosions it has felt. I chose this one because Saturday's flight will be a bit dodgy with a L730 thermoplastic motor from a Canadian aerospace company in there, and I may never see it again. =)

The bottom pod has a shiny new LCX – with protective epoxy coating this time. It’s in a new avionics bay that I can add to three different 4” airframes (including the Telstar night rocket). This time, I will test it in the LOC IV with an Animal Motor Works sparky motor, and strangely enough, a book for payload (part of a 3rd party marketing campaign).

Your mileage may vary. RocketMavericks cross-tested the reliability and accuracy of dozens of flight computers, and only G-Wiz passed. Here’s a short video of the test harness giving a symphony of beeps out in the Black Rock Desert.

Up Close and Personal (on Vimeo)
video of animals
Image by basykes
We met some roos at Caversham Wildlife Park outside of Perth

View this video clip on Vimeo:

video of animals
Image by ShutterSparks
For a video of Mitzi being a lunatic: www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7v3gkEf53s

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