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Nice Stuff Animals photos

Check out these stuff animals images:

2 Tigresses, Don't Be Fooled
stuff animals
Image by cobalt123
A fad among some teens, these backpacks of stuffed animals are cute, but the entire cosplay of this young woman shows a strong individualism.

Leo and Big Doggie
stuff animals
Image by NicestAlan
Here is one of those confessional little "facts about me" that are so popular on Facebook these days: I have in my possession "Big Doggie", my stuffed animal from when I was an infant. His eyes and nose have been loved off and his tail is falling apart, but he is still my Big Doggie. Recently I came to the realization that our dog Leo is actually Big Doggie brought to life. He is soft and warm and cuddly, and I see a striking resemblance. Sandra thinks I shouldn't tell too many people about this, lest they come after me in white coats with a butterfly net to put me in a padded room. But I think I'm right about this. What do you think?

who is corpo?
stuff animals
Image by montchr
do you know corpo? down on canal street near delaware ave and frankford ave is a strange collection of trash, mutilated stuffed animals, broken electronics, newspaper clippings. i am thinking this is the work of one man. who may or may not be homeless, living a couple blocks away. that's my story anyway. do you know corpo?

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