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Nice Stuff Animals photos

Some cool stuff animals images:

The Claw
stuff animals
Image by Matthew Rice.
The Enemy to all of the stuffed animals who live in the crane game hahahaha.

The Birth of Shaun the Sheep 1
stuff animals
Image by dancing goose
Every year for Christmas I make my grandson a stuffed toy. Last summer he was enamored with Shaun the Sheep cartoons, so I decided that would be this year's stuffed animal. Then i got the idea, "it would be nice if he could sit on Shaun and it would support him." That was when the DIY obbessive side of me took over. The result is what you see. I had help on the head, a friend roughed it out on his bandsaw. Then i shaped it with a draw plane and sanding. lots of sanding. Of course by Christmas, the grandson had moved on to something else, but I DID have a lot of fun working out the parts.

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