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HotWheels - Twang Thang

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HotWheels - Twang Thang
extinct animals
Image by Leap Kye
Hot Not:

One of the freaskish looking car in my cabinet. I will uploade some of these whimsical cars (non-animal based design) i have in coming days. This is among the 'best' of them all. Made its debut in 1996, and out-of-favour in just 7 years, this authentic HotWheels designo is a failure (apparently) with its guitar-i-dunoe-wad theme (The designer had obviously gone to a bar and drinked too much while watching a band playing.) Nonetheless, its one of my *favourite. It made 6 appearences in the mainline, including once in the treasured 1998 t-hunt series, before its termination (the one above) in the 2003 Final Run, where hated or out of contract cars go extinct foreva.

More to come!

extinct animals
Image by Travis S.
Upon walking into the museum, the first thing one is confronted with are Pleistocene megafauna. This glyptodon is a relative of anteaters, sloths, and armadillos. Their homeland is South America, but once connected to North America these animals made their way across the isthmus of Panama. The animal became extinct around 10,000 years ago, but it was thought that the shell of the animal was used as a shelter for people in bad weather. One could fit inside if they curled up in the fetal position.

Prehistoric Aurochs Burial, Boscombe Down, Amesbury
extinct animals
Image by Wessex Archaeology
The whole skeleton of a young aurochs, or wild cattle, was placed in this shallow rectangular pit. Since aurochs became extinct at the end of the Bronze Age, this burial must be Bronze Age in date or earlier. No datable finds were found to help phase the burial, but the bone will be radiocarbon dated. Note that the hind and front legs have been removed from the body and placed by the head of the animal. This suggests a deliberate ritual associated with the burial.

For more information visit www.wessexarch.co.uk/projects/wiltshire/boscombe/boscombe...

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