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Free cat pictures (see free use rules on photo-555.com)

A few nice free animals images I found:

Free cat pictures (see free use rules on photo-555.com)
free animals
Image by photo-555.com
See this photo - and more cat pictures - in larger size on photo-555.com

Pest free
free animals
Image by crunchcandy

round the corner versus round the world
free animals
Image by The hills are alive (Taking time off....)

I am currently reading a wonderful book by Barbara Kingsolver. It's about how her family decided to become self sufficient - growing all their own vegetables, and rearing chickens and turkeys. Along the way she also discusses the importance of buying food locally, and supporting local farmers where possible, the hidden costs of buying food world-wide, and the merits of small farms, free range animals and organic food. There are things she talks about that I can't do, but other things she discusses that I can do. Most of all she is a great writer - a poet and novelist as well as campaigner - and the book is a joyous read - a real celebration of community, kitchen and countryside.


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