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deer bridge

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deer bridge
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Image by Rennett Stowe
Linear and non-linear lines come together in this photograph of a deer in Yosemite Vakkey.

Participatory epidemiology training session for animal health workers in Botswana
photo of animals
Image by ILRI
Animal health workers in Botswana develop a seasonal calendar to analyze the seasonal occurrence of key livestock diseases in relation to other seasonal factors such as rainfall, presence of vectors and availability of pasture (photo credit: ILRI).

On 19-24 November 2012, some 20 animal health workers from Chobe, Central District and South-East District in Botswana took part in an introductory training course on participatory epidemiology. The training consisted of both theory sessions and field visits to practice the use of participatory epidemiology tools.

Read more about the training course in this blog post: botswanalivestock.wordpress.com/2013/01/08/animal-health-...

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