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143 of 365 - Itsy Bitsy Turtle
stuff animals
Image by Stephen Nesbit
July 25th, 2012.

I went through seven more boxes today while getting ready to move. I found a BUNCH of stuffed animals that I'd collected over the years, and was giving most of them away, including this little turtle.

Problem is, the turtle was too cute and I was having second thoughts about it when I put it in the *donation* box.

When I got where I was going to deliver the box, my mom and dad were both there. Mom poked around in the boxes and the little turtle ended up perched on the edge of a box, staring at me with those big, shiny eyes.

Then they got the idea to start posing him on a Hawaiian shirt they had hanging around.

Needless to say, the turtle is now a permanent resident of my van. He'll be riding in the cab staring at me from the storage rack just above the steering wheel :)

Tigger kills Beer Monkey
stuff animals
Image by nouveaustar
This happened as I was starting to pack to move again ... the stuffed animals revolted.

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