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Cool Names For Animals images

Some cool names for animals images:

Find Ziggy
names for animals
Image by Whiskeygonebad
Zigfried AKA Ziggy, ready for the pounce. I miss his little face so much. He was a hider and so much fun. He answered to his name with a little mew.... except when he was hiding. This was a stained, discolored GAF 200 Anscochrome slide from 1977. I decided a monochrome study would fare better.

baka nabe
names for animals
Image by Molly Des Jardin
hahahahaha... pun with the sign and name. (baka, japanese for "stupid/foolish," is made of the characters for deer and horse - just like above). good sign!

names for animals
Image by constantCinema
One of my mom's cats, or, actually a stray that they feed. They've nursed him back to health a couple of times and he goes away for a while and comes back with more battle scars. I can't recall what name they've really given him, but my stepfather calls him Half-a-Face. He's a sweet cat, and his most endearing, and disturbing, trait is his broken meek meow.

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