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Nice About Pet Animals photos

A few nice about pet animals images I found:

Everywoman's, 1952
about pet animals
Image by alsis35
For the record, the article inside is about getting cool stuff for your kids' schools, not about the ever-present Feline Menace.

From the September issue.

A little bit jumpy
about pet animals
Image by jainaj
There's an abandoned teddy bear dumped underneath a cork tree. Cody was a bit nervous about it. She gave it a good investigation and made the conclusion that she didn't like it and it was up to no good. So she ran away.

Dog Show Dinosaur
about pet animals
Image by EHyperion
Relax grandpa! I am not here to take your customers, who, by the way. are paying way too much for your cookie cutter shots. No need to be rude and arrogant.
Sorry about the good olde days being gone. If things were so great then they would still be the same.

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