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Cool Animals Games images

Some cool animals games images:

What is it? (look for the clues in 2nd comment)
animals games
Image by Randy Son Of Robert
An everyday item. Come on, take a guess.

First day incorrect guesses:
coax cable
dryer vent
ballpoint pen
eye through a paper towel
Yoshi's eye
metal sink
charcoal tablet dissolving in liquid
animal eye
water faucet

2nd day incorrect guesses:
ps2 keyboard or mouse connector
shower head
shower head
drainer in a sink
rubber mat for sink or tub
door knob
toilet bowl
men's electric razor
7-pin video connector
light bulb

3rd day incorrect answers
metal colander
cheese grater
the front of a speaker
a really funky design on a napkin
a metal trash can

The Correct Guess!
The holes of an iron.

Thanks for sticking with me on this.

Zebra crossing water at Chobe game reserve in Botswana-13 9-16-10
animals games
Image by lamsongf

Cape Buffalo skull at Xakanxa area of Moremi game reserve in Botswana-03 9-13-10
animals games
Image by lamsongf

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