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Twins (Day 1)

A few nice about pet animals images I found:

Twins (Day 1)
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Image by Lene Jo
My birthday's next week and I've been wishing for a cat. Not that my parents allow though, but it is just nice thinking about owning one.

My cousin found 2 kittens a week ago and has been taking care of them. Unfortunately, her mother is making her give it away. She came to me and asked me to take them. I know I won't be able to keep them, so I'll just give them a home till I find them proper owners, who will love and care for them.

I sorta got my birthday wish, I guess? :)

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Image by trib
Maya pretty much operates at two speeds - asleep and about to explode with excitement. Getting her to sit still long enough to snap this with my phone was quite the challenge. Thus the blurring...

Pet Love Birds becoming parents!
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Image by Aminul Islam - Sajib
At our home. They are about to be parents. ;) Therefore, the female one is in tight security! :P

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