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Spread the Love

Some cool photos of animals images:

Spread the Love
photos of animals
Image by StandUPP
This is a combination of many techniques I've been experimenting with such as light painting, long exposure, hdr, time lapse, sculpture, pruning, and stop motion with a theme of "Love Nature and Go Green".

This is a cumulation of many weeks of work, hundreds of photos, and 222 layers in editing.

tail - desktop background wallpaper
photos of animals
Image by (matt)
hope you enjoy this series of desktop background wallpapers. these images are created for a 1.6:1 aspect ratio. the image resolution is 2560x1600, use a setting such as center or fit if you are using a different resolution.

Flamingo Aerobics
photos of animals
Image by Property#1
View On Black

From the archives, still very busy and starting to have camera withdrawal. Of course add to that the cold weather playing havoc with the arthritis, digging in the archives is my choice.

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