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Shar Pei Dog Rescued yesterday, after being abused by having his tail cut off, please help to save him ... if you can

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Shar Pei Dog Rescued yesterday, after being abused by having his tail cut off, please help to save him ... if you can
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Image by Beverly & Pack
Please sign this petition to help get justice for Cezar (renamed Beau) at The Petition Site and help to spread the word!


Target:US District Court in Gaston County, North Carolina.

Sponsored by: THE FACEBOOK GROUP - WE WANT JUSTICE FOR BEAU (CEZAR)! www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=417450220057.

We the undersigned urge the court in Gaston County, North Carolina to give Ronald Heffner, the man charged in the abuse of a Shar Pei named Cezar, the maximum penalty of five years in federal prison for this horrific crime. Do not let this crime go unpunished for the horrible pain and suffering of this innocent dog. We feel he is a menace to society and this is only the beginning of what could lead to future unimaginable and tragic consequences.

Updates on Cezar can be found here.

The story:
My sister called me today while I was doing transport for the pregnant pitty. She had went to a yard sale in Kings Mtn, NC. The guy came out side and a dog came out with him that was skin and bones. The guy yelled at the dog and forced it back inside. When the dog turned around my sister noticed the back end of the dog was missing and appeared to have flies and bugs all over it. She called me....

I called animal control who did go there and the man denied it. He said the dog ran away. The officer searched his house and property but no dog was found. After speaking to a neighbor I confirmed the dog has been there for the last year or two and has been roaming the neighborhood with this wound for at least 2 weeks. I decided to take matters into my own hands and went and explained to the gut that I was not with animal control and am an independent rescuer and that if he would sign the dog over to me I would get it taken care of. He said ok and went outside and got the dog out of a drain pipe. He put the dog in my car and signed the papers. I informed animal control of this and he said he would take care of it from there.

The owner, if that is what you call him, claims the dog chewed his tail off and he could not afford to take it to the vet. In my opinion the it looks like an axe was used and chopped his tail off to make a wound for a bait dog.

Now, I have the dog at my house. A vet friend of mine took a look at him for me today and she says that since it has been there for at least 2 weeks that I should not spend the large amounts of money at emergency vet and we started him on antibiotics and pain medications. I am taking him to my vet Monday to see what needs to be done. If anyone is interested in helping with medical bills please let me know and as soon as know what the treatment plan is I will direct you where to send money. As of right now it will be Conover Vet Hospital, 103 Thornburg Dr SE, Conover, NC - (828) 465-5720. The Shar Pei rescue of Virgina has agreed to take the dog if they can find a home for it. Until then he is here at my house. I have named him Cezar!

Note: I (Beverly in Colorado) have decided not to post the name of the angel that saved this dog.

A local rescuer saved his beautiful little Pei boy from the home of his abuser. She heard from an eyewitness what the dog’s condition was, and called Animal Control. The guy hid the dog in a drainpipe and told AC the dog ran away. This lady didn’t give up. She went to the abuser’s home, and managed to talk him into surrendering the dog to her (even got the guy to sign paperwork). Please read the updates below. This boy will need medical care for some time to come. PLEASE find it in your heart to help him by donating whatever you can to the PayPal link below. If you have trouble with the link, the email address is: dogmedicaldonations@gmail.com (gmail.com) and mark it for Cezar’s medical fund.

Donations can be sent to a paypal account just set up for him: (Cezar's Medical Funds): www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_donations&business...

Caracal (Caracal caracal)
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Image by cliff1066™
The Caracal is 65 cm in length (about 2 ft), plus 30 cm tail (about 1 foot). It has longer legs and a slimmer appearance than a lynx. The colour of the fur is variable: it may be wine-red, grey or sand-coloured. Melanistic (black) Caracals also occur. Young Caracals bear reddish spots on the underside; adults do not have markings except for black spots above the eyes. The most conspicuous feature of the Caracal are its long, tufted black ears, which also explain the origin of its name – karakulak, Turkish for "black ear". Its ears are controlled by 20 different muscles to help it find its prey.

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Image by Taraji Blue
Scientific name: Felidae Panthera leo

Location: The Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

Description: I'd spent the night wild camping in the Maasai Mara, nestled deep in a valley and surrounded on three sides by hills, I'd had a fitful but eventful night's sleep, lulled asleep by the sounds of animals snuffling around my tiny dome tent. I awoke to a crisp but clear dawn, aiming to warm myself by a fire. Slumped fireside with a warming mug of tea, my attention turned to a silhouette moving high on the hillside. Grabbing my camera for a closer look, the silhouette turned out to be a lioness returning from her evening hunt. She plodded slowly but surely around the perimeter of the hills surrounding the camp, allowing me the time and luxury to frame a silhouetted shot of her as she ambled by, high on the hills above.

Notes: Hand-held, using a camping chair as a tripod.

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