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Some cool endangered animals images:

endangered animals
Image by scherre
Greater Bilbies used to live in over 70% of mainland Australia. They are now found only in the Tanami Desert (NT), the Greater Sandy Desert and Gibson Desert (WA) and in south-western Queensland.

Marshal Hedin searches through moss
endangered animals
Image by USFWS/Southeast
The spruce-fir moss spider is an endangered animal found only at the tops of the highest peaks in the eastern United States. This video follows a team of scientists as they search for the rare spider in order to carry specimens back to their lab for genetic analysis which will provide information to help guide future conservation efforts. The team included Dr. Marshal Hedin of San Diego State University; Dr. Fred Coyle, retired from Western Carolina University; Dr. Jason Bond of Auburn University; Service biologist Sue Cameron; and Service intern David Caldwell.

Credit: Gary Peeples/USFWS

Endangered species - LYNX
endangered animals
Image by Adam Zdebel
This picture has been taken at the Bialowieski National Park [Poland] - it's not technically perfect, as it's been taken through the net; however I decided to publish it in order to show how beautiful animal it is.

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