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Nice Stuff Animals photos

Some cool stuff animals images:

Cuddle Buddies
stuff animals
Image by Nomadic Lass
December Diary 2012
31st of December
A few of my favorite things...

I've always had a love for stuffed animals, and while most of the collection has sadly disappeared over the years above are a few of the more recent additions to the house...all either inspired by or received from Flickr friends. :)

Oh, the Uglies! Although he is most known for his pics with his vinyl crew, Baz is the Flickr friend who introduced me to the Ulgyverse. Still not sure whether to thank or curse you, Baz! ;)

The adorable little platypus was given to me by my dear friend, Palo. He arrived at such a rough time in my life, and oh how he immediately brightened my spirts! :)

The teddy bear cutie? Well that's Georgie! He was the subject of my Flickr pal Missie's One Object 365 Day Project. I simply fell in love with him and had to track down a Georgie clone of my own!

And last but certainly not least is the newest addition to the group, Nori! This sweet koala was made by tiramisu_addict. I've been following her photostream for the longest time, always swooning over her handmade creations and often visiting her etsy shop, Susuten, hemming and hawing over which little fellow to adopt. Well I finally decided right before Christmas, and Nori arrived over the weekend. He's fitting in beautifully with the rest of the gang!


This being my last entry for the December Diary, I wanted to send out a huge thank you to Cindy for including me again this year. I know I'm not the best at commenting (or replying to comments...I truly need to fix that. New Years Resolution??), but I so enjoyed looking through everyone's photos that they graciously shared over the past month.

Hope everyone out there in Flickrland has a wonderful and prosperous New Year! :)

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New Penguin
stuff animals
Image by Selbe B
Mike bought me a new penguin stuffed animal when we were at Foxwoods for the Sub Ball. I collect penguins.

Submarine Birthday Ball 2008
Groton/New London, CT Base
Foxwoods Resort Casino
Ledyard, CT

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