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Cool Video Of Animals images

Check out these video of animals images:

Malaysia-2004, Langkawi, sea-dragon
video of animals
Image by dietmut
This is a photo out of my video
"UnderWater World (6)"
Malaysia, Langkawi

VIDEO ALERT! Wriggling crayfish
video of animals
Image by WSDOT
Crayfish wriggles in the hands of Stephanie Shelton, WSDOT project inspector, as it's scooped up, tallied and then released into a safe location in the Hylebos waterway. We catch, tally and move fish, frogs, crayfish and other aquatic animals before we begin moving the stream to its new location.

We were surprised to find a healthy (abundant!) population of crayfish living in the old stream channel we were connecting to our new section of stream at the restoration site. Wondering if it was the same species that made “etouffee” famous, we asked project biologist Andrew Gross. He helped us ID it as the native Signal crayfish (Pacifasticus leniusculus): a crayfish indigenous to the Puget Sound, and apparently fairly common in freshwater lowland streams. According to locals, our native crayfish is an even tastier catch than it’s more famous cousin, the Red Swamp crayfish – which can also be found locally but is invasive in Washington State. We’re just glad to have the locals happy and thriving at our new stream site. ^jh

20081216 - cats vs. toy frog - 173-7386 - Lemonjello - batting at toy frog
video of animals
Image by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL)
We finally got to use the toy frog again! Unfortunately, it's VERY poorly engineered. It needs several standard batteries AND some smaller/watch-type batteries. The main batteries power the legs, the watch batteries power the motion sensor. Very dumb design. So we resurrected it, it worked for about 20 minutes, it died, and we threw it away. But at least we got some pictures and video of it, while it lasted.

We also put the frog's head on the ground, so that it's legs just kicked up in the air (the cats like this, becuase it made it "attack" then more). Basically, Lemonjello loved it, but Oranjello was quite wary of it.

Lemonjello the cat, frog.

upstairs, Clint and Carolyn's house, Alexandria, Virginia.

December 16, 2008.

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