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Passing the Buck

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Passing the Buck
wild animals
Image by Scott Ableman
Almost drove by this guy as I was approaching the Chain Bridge on Saturday.
Luckily my daughter saw him (and I had my long lense in the car).

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Lend me an ear mother! - IMG_4452
wild animals
Image by Dhammika Heenpella / Images of Sri Lanka
Lend me an ear mother!

After mingling in between mother's legs, the calf was visibly hungry, tried to suckle for some milk impatiently. It muzzled the nipple and tried to nurse unsuccessfully. The mother was standing calmly but did not show any interest. After couple of attempts finally the tired calf reached the mother from the front and started touching mother's face gently with its tiny trunk. For me it looked certainly as if it was making a complain with the mother for not having a feed for some time.

Tumbez big-mouthed frog
wild animals
Image by Santiago Ron
During the dry season, this frog buries itself in the ground and makes a cocoon that protects it against dehydration.
Ceratophrys stolzmanni

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