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"Excuse me, I'm trying to get some sun in private here..."

Some cool endangered species of animals images:

"Excuse me, I'm trying to get some sun in private here..."
endangered species of animals
Image by Scorpions and Centaurs
The Black and White Ruffed lemurs re-charge their batteries
~~ Woburn Safari Park; Bedfordshire, England

Protecting our Wildlife: the Kingfisher
endangered species of animals
Image by United Nations Photo
A kingfisher in Sanares, India.
The unrestricted exploitation of wildlife has led to the disappearance of many animal species at an alarming rate, destroying earth's biological diversity and upsetting the ecological balance. The problem is particularly acute in developing countries. Scientists estimate that various animal and plant species may be disappearing at the rate of one every day, with thousands more on the verge of extinction. Widely sought for everything from medical research, medicinal supplies, and display in zoos, to satisfying the demands of high fashion, the illegal trade in wildlife is a lucrative business making it difficult to control. The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is actively involved in working with Governments, scientists, private organizations and other concerned groups to preserve and protect our endangered species.
Photo ID 316578. 04/1987. Sanares, India. UN Photo/John Isaac. www.unmultimedia.org/photo/

Oh, Oh! Dog & People tracks in the Closed Area :(
endangered species of animals
Image by St.VincentVolunteers
On SVNWR, we're guests of the wildlife, in their home. There are just a few places, marked with signage, that are off limits to us bipeds (Homo sapiens!); usually, in order to give the animal populations the privacy they need to breed and rear their offspring. Daylight visitors to the refuge are welcome and encouraged, but do practice good wildlife watching etiquette and don't disturb our hosts. And please, leave your pets at home!

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