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Kinship Circle - 2007-09-01 - 05 - ARNO - Sidney

A few nice about pet animals images I found:

Kinship Circle - 2007-09-01 - 05 - ARNO - Sidney
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Image by smiteme
This photo is part of the 9/1/07 Kinship Circle alert [GULF COAST] Two Years And Still Counting.

PHOTO: Sidney reunited with his Bywater mom... An ARNO volunteer found Sidney -- lost in early 2007 when frightened by a lightening storm -- with a large tumor on his neck. We removed Sidney’s tumor. He was heartworm negative, so we knew he had a wonderful caretaker somewhere. We found his grateful mom through his microchip. Unemployed since Katrina, she’d just returned to work at Charity Hospital in the personnel department. She knew about the tumor, but had no money for veterinary care. For two years, she’s lived in a FEMA trailer parked outside her ruined home. Most of her time is spent gutting and cleaning her home on her own. Sidney’s mom is one of dozens we’ve helped who cannot afford care for their pet.

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Image by sillydog
Right now, he's too darn skinny. Now think about, have you ever seen a skinny dashchund? Of course, not. Snoopy may be the only one ever. He just doesn't care too much, unless it's a corn dog, then he goes crazy.

Pheobe :)
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Image by SteffanyZphotgraphy
tell me what you think about this cute dog portrait
at first she didnt want to participate but she ended up participating :D

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