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Cool Photo Of Animals images

A few nice photo of animals images I found:

Mourning Dove
photo of animals
Image by qnr
Shot at 24x if I remember correctly, which would mean it has a little bit of digital zoom involved.

Anthocharis cardamines
photo of animals
Image by Max.Bth
Parade nuptiale entre deux Aurores (Anthocharis cardamines). Le dimorphisme sexuel de cet espèce est bien marqué, le mâle possédant la moitié externe des ailes orange.
Courtship between two Orange Tip ( Anthocharis cardamine ). The sexual dimorphism of this species is well marked, with the male half of the external wings orange.

(1/2000 à f4,5 - 400 ISO)

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- http://www.krissnature.net/article-14086540.html (Fr)
- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orange_Tip (En)

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