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Zoe and DJ on their shelf, from outside

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Zoe and DJ on their shelf, from outside
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Image by marymactavish
Casey did the Coolest Thing this morning while I was out having lunch!

We'd planned to build a small window shelf for DJ when we moved here, because she loves to look out windows. Our old house had lots of floor-level window for her, but this house has almost none. Then she started getting on the table to look out, and we sighed, and said, "Oh, we have to teach her not to. Let's hurry up with that shelf." Then we got Zoe, so the shelf had to be bigger, and we still didn't get around to it.

Over the past year, we've sheepishly apologized to guests for the current "rustic" scratched up condition of our table (I've never been fond of it, it came "pre-distressed" with a special pattern of nail marks from the furniture store, seriously, so it would look rustic, and those holes hold every spill, I wasn't considering the scratches a problem) and that we have to scrub it before company, so we don't have a table with dog hair and foot-dirt on it. All along, we kept planning the shelf . . .

Today while I was out, Casey built the shelf! We won't be here more than a few more months, but we have the shelf, yay! We've pulled the table back further into the kitchen (it's a huge room, we have an abundance of space) and he tucked the shelf right there into the corner, screwing it down onto the windowsill, and making legs for it. We plan to find a bit of carpet on craigslist or freecycle and glue that down to protect dog feet from splinters and give them softness.

I warned Casey that we had to be careful not to spoil the dogs. I'm sure he took the warning to heart.

From this spot, they can make sure we are safe, each gopher is accounted for, and all is right with the world.

Garda : Free Riders
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I LIKE IT SIMPLE - www.ilikeitsimple.com/garda-free-riders

Five cygnets ride on the back of mother swan while the remaining two follow instinctively. Either it wasn't enough room for them or they've simply grown up and don't feel the need to get a free ride.

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