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Totally Unsure

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Totally Unsure
about pet animals
Image by Kjunstorm
Kato wasn't happy about our masks. She kept trying to look underneath them and didn't care about those feathers one bit. Funnier viewed large!

Too sick to go out to the Masquerade party we'd been invited to we didn't want our masks to go to waste so we put them on at midnight and took some pictures. Then took some medicine and went to bed. :(
Pic by Jeremy

Open Wide - Cropped
about pet animals
Image by Enamored_With_Horses
This is just a cropped version of a prior picture...he needs his teeth brushed!!!

Grey whiskers
about pet animals
Image by Pahz
She's getting grey whiskers. Gypsy... she's about seven years old now. We rescued her from a bad situation when she was about six months old and ever since we had her, she's been hyper-protective. No matter what we've tried (training techniques), we've never been able to break her of this.

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