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Nap Time

A few nice stuff animals images I found:

Nap Time
stuff animals
Image by Sandra Regina
Icarus all curled up with some stuffed animals in the cat bed. It may be crowded, but boy does it look cozy. The beagle toy is his favourite; he loves to sleep on it and knead it.

Bat Cage
stuff animals
Image by RLHyde

This is my girlfriend's ICE-BAT stuffed animal. She wasn't entirely pleased that I was stuffing him behind bars, but at least he had a pillow for extra support and comfort.

What I really like about this, though, is the texture. Check it out large and on black to see what I mean.

1 sb600 below subject, bare, 1/8.
1 sb600 camera right, 1/4, full CTO, through a speed grid.

Triggered with Cactus V4s.

144/365 - portrait with Jeffy
stuff animals
Image by CR Artist
Jeffy says hello!

I took this photo with Jeffy, a stuffed animal giraffe that my wife recently brought home. My brother, sister and I grew up owning lots of stuffed animals and so I thought it would be fun to post a photo with Jeffy! :)

So get this, pretty much all of our six inches of snow is totally gone! Yesterday and Saturday night there were cars in ditches, the roads were terrible and I was shoveling a lot of snow and today you would never have known we just had a snowstorm. Its a pretty typical scenario in Iowa during the early part of Spring, but its still fascinating to me! :)

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