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20051117 - Misfit misc - 100-0005,100-0006 (diptych) - Misfit playing in his cat tube
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Image by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL)
YouTube videos of kitten Misfit playing: first, second.

Misfit playing in his cat tube toy

Misfit, toy.
November 17, 2005.

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A VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION 4 the NEW PRES: What would OBAMA think of dancing workout poodles?
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Image by Tricia Wang 王圣捷

when you see a ridiculously silly video do you ever think, hmm I wonder what so and so would think about this video? Like will "so and so" think it's just as funny as I think it is? Well I do! And then sometimes I wonder, hmmm, I wonder what would happen if we replaced the heads of the people in the video with wolf heads, or bear heads. Do you do that? Well I do!

Something clicked when i saw this video of dancing poodles working out. I've been a proud American for almost 24 hours now since Obama won last night . So that means my confidence and happy levels are pretty high - which also means that I embrace my altar ego wolf personality to the most extreme ways - - like constantly referring to people as animals and etc. So when I saw this video all I could think was "WOW this is so genius! putting poodle heads on people and giving a cultural critique of workout videos that encourage anorexia? How ironic - how retarded - how brilliant - how silly - how fabulous and how many times will it take for me to get bored of watching this?

Then the light of all lightness of all brilliance TA-DAHHHHH high pitch angles in the sky of triple cosmic illuminations shined it's light on my god-fearing soul of the virgin of gaudalupe's immaculate conception from ganesha's trunk to buddha's ear-lobes - I thought out loud, "WHAT WOULD OBAMA THINK OF DANCING POODLES? WOULD HE LAUGH? DOES A PRESIDENT LAUGH AT DANCING POODLES? WOULD HE THINK THIS IS A SMART CULTURAL CRITIQUE? WOULD HE WATCH TILL THE END?"

Tricia why are you sharing this with us and why is this so important that you are twittering, facebooking, double emailing and blogging about this?

because colleagues, animals and friends - this is monumental - a rare moment indeed - Once you start wondering what would "so and so" do, is the precise moment you begin to idolize, mythologize, and celebratize a human being - that is the moment the person become magical.

This moment of watching the poodle workout video was a special recuerdo for Obama and I. This was the moment I began mythologizing Obama. All the posters, artwork, t-shirts, rallies - all of those have been building up to this moment where I could I ask "WHAT WOULD OBAMA THINK OF DANCING WORKOUT POODLES?"

NEVER before have I ever wondered what would THIS PRESIDENT think of this? I usually think ok I know what president blah thinks - he's got X cabinet member and Y advisor - he's being puppeted by X and Y by or he's using X and Y as puppets to speak for him - blah blah --

To all those critics who say that by mythologizing Obama I set him up for failure and if he falls well there goes our hopes for democracy to work for all. OK democrazy is a mythology folks - it is something you believe in - it is a thing we make real through myths about town-hall meetings among equals when really it has been a discriminatory process from the very beginning. I propose that we frame the discussion around 2 things here - mythologies of democrazy and indices of democracy.

SInce the beginning, democrazy has just been another political classification mechanism to determine who is in and who is out (damn heidi klum always knows what's up) of the community, city or nation-state. For a long time, non-property owners and women, and even longer, blacks, were not considered citizens and therefore could not enjoy the full rights of a democratic system. One was democracy works, is that it serves as a sorting system to determine who is given rights to the system - which leads to my second point on how sorting systems are determined.

Democracy as a boundary drawer is not a failure because it is a discrminatory sorting system. What makes the sorting system function are the indices that are used to determine who is in and who is out. The index for inclusion is what is important to look at - and in western society, laws usually have the final word in how the index functions.

What I love about Obama, beyond that he's "real" or he's "down," is that he gives us a whole new index in which to consider who is in and who is out. therefore democracy itself can be reinvented, re-owned, and re-claimed by people who have never felt that they had a claim or even a claim large enough to give a voice loud enough. Simply look at how many people voted!

For me, the notion of Obama thinking about poodle workouts is symbolic of a new era of politics that I get to witness in my lifetime. Obama gives us a whole new paradigm in which we can think about how an institution like democrazy has changed throughout the years. Like any institutions, it has the power just by sheer tradition , memory and practice, to define who participate in the institutions and believed who is out. But like all institutions, they can be taken over, reshaped and shaken up.

For me, mythologizing Obama is about re-believing that democracy can be reinvented through practice. For this round of reinvention, the scale was created by 63 + million voters in the US who believed in Obama.

For me, the role of the president in a nation-state as large as the US is an important symbolic role and if a president can be a strong symbol, then s/he plays an actually transformative role.

For me, mythologizing Obama is humanizing Obama. My fingers shake with joy as I push play again on this youtube video, and I invite you to also join me in this moment by pushing "play."

Poodle Exercise with Humans
Poodle Exercise with Humans

thanks Adriene 4 sending it to me at such an opportune moment!

And here again come the naysayers who claim that by putting Obama on a pedestal, that in effect I make it hard for people to see Obama as a human being---- First, people aren't retarded. Obama was born in an earthly way just like you and I. Secondly, once people believe in a person and that person ends up making a mistake, if that is person is worth it, people find a way to accept and rationalize it.

It's totally ridiculous to say that once Obama makes a mistake, people will stop believing in him. No, that's not how we are religiously or spiritually. There are many times when some Feeling, Spirit, Ancestor, God, Buddha, Jesus, Ganesha or Mary - or whoever, is not there for us - that a wish of ours didn't come true or life is falling apart even when we are praying our hardest- but we don't stop believing in our deity - if we find them to be worth it - we find ways to rationalize why they couldn't come through in the way we had hoped. We develop beliefs about after/before earth life to rationalize how our society or our gods fail us. We will do the same for Obama when he makes a mistake - and he will - cuz everyone does.

I mean look, Shiva didn't become less popular because he accidentally ripped off Ganesha's head out of anger (or shani lasered his head off with his eyes), Zeus was still the god of the pantheon after he tried to hang his wife Hera for drowning their son Hercules, God wasn't demonized after he turned Lot's wife into salt before even giving her a chance to even ask for forgiveness, and we don't love Buddha any less knowing that he had a princely life as a spoiled brat with consorts galore. Around the world, religions and their adherents have long rationalized and forgiven gods/heroes - that is if they are worth it - and continue to believe in them. So if we find obama to be worth it, then people will not stop believing in Obama, So for now, I'm still going to ask , what would Obama think of dancing workout poodles?

I believe that Obama would have found this poodle video workout funny - he would sit there - say - huhhhh, well, the white side of me finds this funny and say I need to buy a poodle, the black side of me says - what are those crazy asians doing. What do you think Obama would say?

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