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Cool Photo Of Animals images

A few nice photo of animals images I found:

yoda the microbat
photo of animals
Image by teejaybee
When I went over to my Mum's house today I saw something unusual on the side of her house - at first I thought it was bat poo but upon closer inspection, it was a TINY HAIRLESS MICROBAT! So young it couldn't even fly :( Very cute, but unfortunately even if you get them feeding they can still die very easily. I took it to a carer from Bat Care Brisbane and she had another one exactly the same as mine! I got so much useful information and a couple of really cool shots. Enjoy!

Learn more about these amazing creatures at www.bats.org.au/ - they need our help just as much as the cute and cuddly critters do!

Remember, the world is just awesome!

...non fidarsi è meglio - my scared cat / gatto
photo of animals
Image by Paolo Margari
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è il fratello di lui

he's his brother

here's his mother

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Soleto (Lecce) Southern Italy

Elephant Lovebirds
photo of animals
Image by Randi Deuro
two elephants who couldnt get enough of each other

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