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Cool About Pet Animals images

Check out these about pet animals images:

"NO More Photo's"
about pet animals
Image by possumgirl2
Hueghy about to have some worming treatment. He's a character, and actually enjoys the taste of the wormong mix.

A Dog's First Concert
about pet animals
Image by Lucy (嘉莉)
About time I figured out that I needed to convert my files' image profiles to sRGB! Too lazy to do this to all my photos. <__<

Can you believe this is ANOTHER concert pic? This was when my study abroad class went to a 蘇打綠 (Sodagreen) concert. Our program director (not sure what's her job title??) brings her dog EVERYWHERE by keeping it somewhat hidden in her purse. It's almost ridiculous how far they could go. In this case, the security guard at the Shanghai Gymnasium entrance simply laughed when he saw the dog.

The Purple Cat
about pet animals
Image by Lene Jo
Someone sprayed purple paint on its back about a week back. It still hasn't came off.

Video of him and another cat: www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwof-DR6N00

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