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Cool Animals For Free images

Check out these animals for free images:

Cheetah (Acinonyx Jubatus), Hamerton Zoo
animals for free
Image by spencer77
Thanks to Photographers on Safari (www.photographersonsafari.com/)
Used by www.forolazarus.com as the banner for their website!
This picture is available to use for free, under the creative commons licence. All I ask is that I'm given a photo credit & a courtesy email to let me know how it's being used.

Still Here......350/365
animals for free
Image by AndYaDontStop
Part 3 of my 2 week "Girl Talk - Feed The Animals" series.

So What'cha Want?

If you have never heard of Girl Talk, aka Greg Gillis, you are losing out on having heard some of the best party music ever. But guess what"? For the next 2 weeks, you get the chance :) As I close out my 365, the next 2 weeks will be dedicated to pictures that somehow pay tribute to the music, video, or artists that make up the incredible mash-up sounds created by Girl Talk on his last album, Feed The Animals. While some people are not big fans of hip-hop, they may want to pass this up, but they will be sorry, because the music he puts together is not just hip-hop, but a melting pot of rock, disco, funk and hip-hop. Kanye West & Blackstreet anyone? It's in there...

His album is available for download at any price you wish to pay on his website. If you do not wish to pay, enter a Zero in each box and you can get it for free....but a dollar won't kill you.

Each day I'll be linking to a new video that highlights the music and the artists that he used, and each of my shots will be somehow inspired by some bit of the music. They may not fit many themes or groups, even my own, but fuck that shit, just over 2 weeks to go and i'm doing something for myself, dammit!

Hope you enjoy :)


This shot inspired by the awesome closeups in the video of The Beastie Boys "So What'cha Want", featured in this track on the album.

Funny too, how things change, as this was not anywhere near the shot i intended to do for my day 350...but change is good, and i'm really glad I chose to do this series instead :)

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