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Nice Animals That Are Extinct photos

Check out these animals that are extinct images:

Railroad Valley 0616a
animals that are extinct
Image by DB's travels
Two foxes on the side of road, in the Railroad Valley area between Tonopah and Ely. Barely visible in the upper right corner is a large animal running away. I did not get to see it closely, but it looked bigger and darker than most coyotes -- note that wolves are extinct in Nevada. See adjacent photo.

Sunset at Mount Storm
animals that are extinct
Image by elycefeliz
What a miserable bundle of foolish idiots we are! We kill everything around us even when we think we love and respect nature and life. This sudden power to deal death all around us simply by the way we live, and in total "innocence" and ignorance, is by far the most disturbing symptom of our time. I hope I at least can learn, but in the light of Holy Week I see, again, all my own internal contradictions - not all! Hardly! But the fact that I am full of them. And that we all are. A phenomenal number of species of animals and birds have become extinct in the last fifty years - due of course to man's irruption into ecology.
~ Thomas Merton

Black Rhino mother & calf
animals that are extinct
Image by Rainbirder
Not the best of images but this is now a very rare sight.
There are only a handful of breeding female Black Rhino in the Mara-Serengeti eco-system. The grassland/scrub mosaic covers a huge area and so the risk of these animals being poached is great. We saw this mother and calf on a few occasions and always the guys from the Kenyan Wildlife Service (KWS) were never far away. Their presence helps protect against poachers but also prevents the rhino being pestered or approached too closely by the swarms of tourist vehicles that frequent parts of The Mara.

There are four subspecies of Black Rhino though recently the West African subspecies was declared extinct when none could be found in its last stronghold in Cameroon. Of the three remaining subspecies the East African (Diceros bicornis michaeli) is the rarest with only 700 individuals remaining across its range.
Masai Mara, Kenya

Re-worked and framed by a friend.

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