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Graphic Dead Dogs, killed by the hate and discrimination city of the world, Denver CO., This is Breed Specific Legislation, BSL
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Image by Beverly & Pack
These pictures have made it onto the Westword Blog the Denver news blog.

When people go to visit their dogs in the Denver shelter, and have to leave their dogs there--actually walk away--as the dogs are screaming to go with them, it is almost too much to take. And the dogs have no idea how they got from their comfy sofas to that concrete hellhole. Many that have experienced this have said they have never heard their dog make that panicky sound before.

About the photos...

These are pictures of just one load of dogs that Denver has rounded up and killed as part of their breed ban. "Well," you might say, "dogs are killed every day in shelters across the land." Yes, they are and it is all awful. But these were dogs who had homes. These were owned dogs that got picked up and killed for what they look like, not for anything they did. Underneath this pile of dead dogs, but not shown, were something like twelve puppies that were not even weaned yet. The photographer wanted to show them, but didn't have the heart to move the bodies of the adults around to show the puppies. Either way, this is how a breed ban manifests itself--in the rounding up and killing family dogs.

Livin it Up
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Image by EJP Photo
Strobist info: Two Sb-800's firing from the bottom.

I think I'm done with the ducks for now, at least until I can think of something else to do with them. They're a fun subject though.

Explore #415 March 18, 2009

In yellow
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Image by EJP Photo

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