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Cool Names For Animals images

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Cowpea residues as animal feeds
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Image by IITA Image Library
Heaps of cowpea residues for feeding animals in northern Nigeria. Photo by IITA. (file name: CO_032). ONLY low res file available.

The 'Chicken Nuggets'
names for animals
Image by derek.hollierday
These are my fave chicks from the Windmill Hill City Farm, I affectionately named them 'The Chicken Nuggets' for they are barely as big as my hand, bite-size if you will, though I have to admit, they are too cute to actually eat.

Muskrat 02
names for animals
Image by originalstefras
Another photo of our Good Friday visitor, hiding in the corner of one of our window wells.

The muskrat's name probably comes by folk etymology from a word of Algonquin origin, muscascus (literally "it is red," so called for its colorings), or from the Abenaki native word mòskwas as seen in the archaic English name for the animal, musquash. Due to the association with the "musky" odor which the muskrat uses to mark its territory and its rat-like appearance the name became altered to muskrat.

See my wildlife set for more photos of this muskrat.

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