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Cool Animals Photos images

A few nice animals photos images I found:

animals photos
Image by Mohammed Alnaser
Adj. of having horns, NOT what you have in your dirty mind :P lol

This owl really pissed me like hell...it kept on shaking and moving its head and couldn't really capture a good shot, this was like the best shot when while it was moving, I think it was horny :P lol

acarien 3 "trombidion sp"
animals photos
Image by muscapix

Giant Galapagos Land Tortoise
animals photos
Image by m24instudio
The anticipation in actually seeing the beast was a weird feeling, I'd read about them, seen them on TV, but to actually see one face to face. Me actually being there, seeing with my own eyes, that feeling alone was powerful.

Upon entering The Charles Darwin Research Station, I didn't see that much, maybe I was trying too hard, but then as I stopped to slowly look around, there they were, amazing creatures, just slowly going about their day. Their sheer size alone was overwhelming. One could just look at them all day, just gaze at them and not notice the passage of time going past. I took a few photos, but it is this one that does it for me. Her eyes, her look, the textures on her skin and shell.


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