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Nice About Pet Animals photos

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Happy Tails: Lucy
about pet animals
Image by LollypopFarm
Meet Liam and Lucy. I got both of these precious kitties through Lollypop Farm about three months apart. Liam is a year old and little Lucy is going on five months. These two within a week became the best of friends. They play nonstop, cuddle whenever they can, and follow each other everywhere.

Little Lucy is always interested in what her big brother is doing. She copies everything he does, as well as what I do. Whenever I brush Liam, she paws at him like she's trying to help and then looks back up at me for approval: "Am I doing it right, Mommy?" Now Liam is the most talkative kitty ever. Every morning he wakes me up at the same time by cuddling up next to me and giving me a little meow saying, "Mommy, I'm hungry!" Whenever he enters a room he meows over and over to tell everyone, "Hello all, I'm here!"

Liam and Lucy are the best kitties I could ever ask for. They're my babies and they're spoiled rotten! Thank you Lollypop for raising such friendly kitties with great personalities!


Gypsy Bleach
about pet animals
Image by Calamity Meg
She never learned what they say about cats and curiosity. She managed to get some of my hair bleach on her head once.

One rat uterus... comin' right up.
about pet animals
Image by braindamaged217
I had my girls spayed today. (I work at the cinic, hence the casual atmosphere in the surgical suite. We aren't usually so nonchalant about surgeries!) We drew a bit of a crowd... For each rat there were two doctors, two technicians, one observer, myself, and several others who peeked in!

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