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July 27, 2006: Bat-horse

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July 27, 2006: Bat-horse
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Image by Matt McGee
Love the mask! This is a horse the kids have named Snowy, for the sole reason that the first time they saw her it was in the winter when it was snowing ... and she was out playing in it. We pass this horse just about every time we head into Richland or Kennewick. She had a baby about two years ago, which the kids promptly named Snowflake.

Part of my 1/365 project: 1 photo per day for 365 days.

Skimmer (Dragonfly)
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Image by jeffsmallwood
This dragonfly was diving around the front yard for a while. It allowed Spencer and I to get really close. This view is from the back side heading away from me. It is a Swift Long-winged Skimmer (Pachydiplax longipennis), and if you ask me, that scientific name seems a little suspect :)

ISO-400, f/9, 1/500, 105mm, Canon EOS Digital Rebel, exposure compensation: -1 step

animals i know
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Image by buttersweet
1. flower & friend, 2. lollipop, 3. you need pink ears, 4. koko = have i got beautiful eyes?, 5. i know i'm cute, 6. Jackson, 7. sigh, 8. Daisy, 9. kitty no name

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