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Nice Photos Of Animals photos

A few nice photos of animals images I found:

Ready to Strike
photos of animals
Image by Stuck in Customs
Thanks all! For you, here are the most Popular Pictures you dig from my stream. Thanks again!

I found this guy in some caves just outside of Kuala Lumpur. I've always wanted one for a pet because it is both eccentric and people might mistake me for a bond villain. I understand these can be house-trained even. Well, one of these can be house-trained and the other kind, that looks similar, is quite dangerous and the bacteria in his saliva can kill you. So, since I always get Gila Monsters and Iguanas confused, I never ended up getting one because I would hate to bring home the wrong thing.

This was a single-shot HDR. It really helped to bring out all the texture and color in the scales. It was shot at a low f-stop to keep the focus on the creature, rather than its surroundings.

from my daily photo blog at www.stuckincustoms.com

The Beautiful Trap
photos of animals
Image by EJP Photo

The Pollinator
photos of animals
Image by EJP Photo

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