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Heaven's Corner Tiger Cub 6

A few nice exotic animals images I found:

Heaven's Corner Tiger Cub 6
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Image by animakitty
Melly is a female tiger cub that was recently donated to Heaven's Corner. You can see she's in the awkward gangly stage of growth right now, which just makes her more adorable. Here she is playing with Becky, a paramedic.

www.heavenscorner.net/ is an exotic animal sanctuary in West Alexandria Ohio, about 30 minutes from Dayton.

San Diego Wild Animal Park -062710
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Image by christopherallisonphotography.com
New baby giraffe "Mazzi" at the San Diego Wild Animal Park. He is about 2 months old.

Animals of the Empire
exotic animals
Image by Wyrmworld
Tigers and Elephants and Ostriches oh my!

I have no idea what this building on Leicester's High street is, but the decoration with Union Jacks and exotic animals suggests it was constructed in a burst of raw Imperial enthusiasm.

If I had to hazard a guess as to the period I'd say the 1920s?

Later: OK, turns out it's the Singer Building - also known as the Coronation Building or Jubilee Building - constructed by Architect and Mayor Arthur Wakerley in 1904. Looks like my building dating skills need some work.

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