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Cool Marine Animals images

Some cool marine animals images:

Single cell radiolarian: Acrinophrys sol
marine animals
Image by MuseumWales
Highly magnified model of a single cell radiolarian (Actinophrys sol).
Diameter: 200mm (including spines).

Model wedi'i chwyddo'n fawr o reiddiolyn un-gell (Actinophrys sol).
Diamedr: 200mm (yn cynnwys y pigau).

Read all about these remarkable items, including how they came to be in the museum, how we conserve them, along with more images on Rhagor, the collections based website from Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales' website.

Living Seas : Seahorse : Epcot
marine animals
Image by Zengrrl
Wrapped around the branch.

leopard seal
marine animals
Image by paloetic
submitted to www.flickr.com/groups/monthlyscavengerhunt/ June: #5 your best photo of 2009

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