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Centennial International Exhibition, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, 1876 - Animal Exhibit

A few nice animals images I found:

Centennial International Exhibition, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, 1876 - Animal Exhibit
Image by Keene and Cheshire County (NH) Historical Photos
Centennial International Exhibition, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, 1876 - Animal Exhibit

French, J.A., Keene NH (?)

Exhibitions - PA - Philadelphia

Stereograph, possibly taken by J.A.French of Keene NH, of the Centennial International Exhibition held in Philadelphia in 1876, showing stuffed deer and bighorn sheep.

Keene Public Library and the Historical Society of Cheshire County






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Sleep, sleep with the lights on (Animal Kingdom)
Image by ohhector
Sorry for the lull in posting lately, I've had MANY things on my mind...

1) Got a new job! I've been working at Sam Ash for almost 7 years now...guitar department manager. Not at all what I wanted to do with my life but it had its advantages, was super flexible, and gave me tons of paid vacation and sick days. I also hoped to move up but...unfortunately that did not happen. But I am now going to be working for the Gibson corporation, as their "Product Specialist" for Florida!

2) My mom's been in the hospital for a few weeks/months. Long story short, she developed a crippling pain in her leg shortly after starting chemo ago, to where she couldnt work. Ended up needing surgery. Everything went well, she's been recouperating in a therapy hospital down the street so I can visit every day! Aand she will be discharged on monday!

3) Been looking for a new place! My lease is up on July, and since I'm going to be traveling a lot starting a week from now, I wanted to get that settled before. I found a really nice place, in a town called Plantation 20 minutes north of here. I love that city, alway have. Just waiting on the approval.

4) My birthday is tomorrow! And not only that, but fathers day is today AND my grandma's birthday is today. AND my two best friends from Cali flew in for my Harry Potter themed potluck party last night! So I've been and will be spending a lot of time with them...adventure day tomorrow, tuesday we are going to the Rapids (water park), Wed night I'm having a dinner at Grand Lux. And then I have to somehow find a new wardrobe, figure out about movers, and buy a ton of furniture and stuff for the new place!


Oh yea...this is a bike on a trail at Animal Kingdom! haha. I always want to take it off the wall and ride it. Disney needs to become more bike friendly, asap!

Disney's Animal Kingdom Entrance
Image by IceNineJon
Hi everyone! I'm back from Shanghai! I actually got back last week but then came down with the flu/stomach bug which I'm still fighting a little.

Anyway, it's going to take me awhile to process all the shots from Shanghai so in the meantime, I'll continue uploading shots from my trip to Walt Disney World. The next stop is Disney's Animal Kingdom. Here's the entrance sign for the park.

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