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A few nice about pet animals images I found:

about pet animals
Image by Mike_tn
state fair

they are about to walk out to be judged

Through the lens
about pet animals
Image by tychay
Blogged in The Woodwork: Running with cameras

Through the lens
Riverstone Townhomes, Mountain View, California

Nikon D70, Nikkor 18-200mm f/3.5-4.5G VR
DxO (exp, blur, distorion, ca, vignette. noise, lighting) nik CEP (pro contrast)
1/30 sec @ f/5.6, iso 1000, 200mm (300mm)


Fun with my new lens.

The apartment is getting unbearably hot right now. We decided to block over the windows with contact paper and purchased a ladder to get at them. After Caitlin finished the first window, she “showed” Gibson his new perch. Eventually he figured how to get to the top of it. When he did, I noticed a wonderful shape and excitedly asked Caitlin to grab Gibson’s attention. I stood right under the ladder and snapped these shots right through toward him.

I like how the lines of the ladder lead you to the circle and the circle frames Gibson’s eyes as he looks at me. The lens of his eyes reflects the pattern reflecting off my lens right at him.

The ladder is 8 feet high so the base of the steps are about 2 feet in front of my lens. Good thing the 18-200mm focuses so close. In fact, I could have gotten away with being a half a foot closer.

I love this lens.

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Oliver Staring into Space
about pet animals
Image by Mr. T in DC
Oliver's been very affectionate lately. On my wife's flexday, he spend much of the time curled up next to her on the couch, or sitting in her lap. I hope his heart murmur is nothing to worry about, and not a sign of HCM or CHF. I guess we'll find out when he sees the cardiologist on the 28th.

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