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Nice Photo Of Animals photos

Some cool photo of animals images:

wolf scat, showing hair from some mammal
photo of animals
Image by Martin LaBar (going on hiatus)
Excuse the subject of this photo, but I thought it was interesting. We found this along a primitive road in the Beaverhead National Forest, in Montana. My brother, the outdoorsman, assured us that this is wolf scat, or what's left of a meal after it passes through the wolf (Canis lupus). Apparently the wolf had eaten a lot of animal fur of some kind, along with the animal.

One of my Contacts has posted a photo of bear droppings, from North Carolina.

The area of the photo was perhaps 8 inches/3 dm across. You can see the hair more clearly, if you wish to, at the larger sizes.

Opening Alter Nature: The Unnatural Animal
photo of animals
Image by Z33 art centre, Hasselt
Tuur Van Balen & Revital Cohen inside the DIY bio shed

Ready-to-use Models (2011) - Revital Cohen

Ready-to-use Models is Cohen’s new research project, developed for Alter Nature: The Unnatural Animal. With this installation, Cohen seeks to question the current defini- tions used to indicate living creatures. Does one denomi- nate a manipulated organism as an object, product, animal or pet? What consequences does this choice of definition entail for our perceptions, feelings and behaviours regard- ing these living creatures?
Laboratories deploy animals in the development of medicines. Much in the same way as products, rodents for various experiments can be ordered from online catalogues. In this research experiment, Cohen examines the nature of the SERT Knock-out rats. These rats are manipulated to not be able to absorb serotonin, the hormone responsible for feelings of contentment and happiness, and therefore consistently display increased levels of anxiety- and depres- sion-like behaviours.
For a species regarded as disposable product, Cohen has built a large play cage in which the environment is de- signed to boost the serotonin levels, in attempt to make the rat happy. With this futile and absurd intervention, Ready- to-use Models questions the exchange of roles between animal and object. The commodification of the rat is mir- rored by a sequence of collected footage depicting products being defined as pets; from Tamagotchi to Fur Real Friends robots.

photo: Kristof Vrancken / Z33

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