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Mountain Lion King hunting in African Safari Zoo

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Mountain Lion King hunting in African Safari Zoo
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Image by epSos.de
Free picture about the female lion who is hunting for ghosts in the real fake African landscape. This wild picture was created for you by the taxonomical friend epSos.de and it can be used for free, if you link epSos.de as the original author of the image.

The lion is a type of cat. He lives in contrast to other cats in packs and is characterized by the mane of the male and is now in Africa and in the Indian state of Gujarat at home.

The name "lion", similar to many Germanic and Romance languages, is derived from the Latin leo and the ancient Greek λέων (leon).

The lion is a vulnerable species, because there is a possibly irreversible population decrease between 30 and 50 percent over the past two decades took place on the African continent alone.

Lions have a short, sandy-colored or yellowish to dark ocher- colored fur. The underside and the inside legs are always lighter. Male specimens also have a long mane, which is usually dark brown, but can also be black, light brown or reddish brown. This mane is spreading from the cheeks down over her shoulders, rarely, stomach and chest. Shape and color of the mane varies not only between individuals but also within the same individual over a lifetime, depending on the physical condition.

The lion the longest shoulder height all types of cats and is also the second heaviest katspesie after the tiger. Equipped with powerful legs, a strong jaw and 8cm-long fangs, a lion large prey animals shelf pull.

In Asiatic lion's mane is much less pronounced than their African counterparts. Young lions they absent. It takes five years for a male lion has a fully developed mane. In some areas of Africa, such as in the Tsavo National Park in Kenya are numerous males mähnenlos or have only weak manes.

The historical area of distribution of the lion involved not only large parts of Africa, but also southeastern Europe and western Asia and India . In the early Holocene, the lion was still prevalent in the north of Spain, around 5500 to 3000 BC, he is still shown from Hungary and the Ukrainian Black Sea region through bones.

Lions are adaptable and are found in many habitats. The preferred habitat of the lion is the savannah , but it also occurs in dry forests and semi-desert, early in the dry-cold mammoth steppe . Never find him in dense, humid forests or waterless deserts. Therefore, the kind missing naturally in the central African rain forests and arid deserts of North Africa and the Middle East. The term "Desert King" is thus not applicable.

There are 16,000 to 30,000 lions live in the wild. The IUCN 2008 went expect that the lion stocks worldwide declined in the last twenty years by 30 to 50 percent. A significant influence on the dwindling population, the use of land for grazing or agricultural land. The IUCN classifies the lion therefore total at risk. The Asiatic lion, the wild population of the Gir National Park in India is limited, is considered endangered.

White lions are not albinos because the pigment of their skin and eyes are normal. The white Transvaal lion individuals are irregularly in and around the Kruger National Park and the adjacent Timbavati Private Nature Reserve on the eastern South Africa encountered, but occurs more often in captivity where breeders selectively operates.

Lions are less clean than, say, domestic cats. In general, only the nose is cleaned. Is mutual grooming is unique to severe contamination, such as by blood of their prey.

The Young Lions suck from this point not only for the mother but also for the other females, so that the education is for all female members of the pack. At the age of six months, lion cubs are weaned, they stay on for about two years with the mother.

The life span of a lion can be fourteen to twenty years. In general, however, only females can reach such an age. Males grow long ago killed by a younger competitors or sold, no pack and find more starve. Often they are therefore no more than seven to twelve years. The zoo , however, some lions have lived up to 34 years.

Construction of the bridge came to a standstill, as the lions invaded in camps that were fenced with high walls and there thorn people killed and devoured. The head of the construction project, the British Lieutenant Colonel John Henry Patterson , needed nine months to track down the two lions to death. Both lions were found to be healthy males who were mähnenlos and of an unusual size. They were from the tail tip to 2.95 or 2.90 meters long and had a shoulder height of 1.20 or 1.15 meters.

Lions rest mostly inactive for about 20 hours a day. They can be active at any time, but their activities reached a peak at dusk, associated with socialization, cleaning and feces. Alternating short-short outbursts of activities take place throughout the night hours until dawn, when most hunted. Walk two hours per day on average and set aside 50 minutes daily for food.

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Image by vancouverbcfoodbank
Another week's gift from official charity. The package of yummy breakfast muffins was moldy, and shouldn't have been photographed; I threw away the bag of blued starch. We were also issued with a large expensive package of pizza-pop-like dead-animal-and-cheese frozen items, which I gave away for free, and thus that box doesn't appear in this picture; I was not offered anything vegetarian in compensation, so as usual I seem to get significantly less than the average, and the stories of others with special diets are similar. These neighbourhood charities and churches are often cloaks for incompetence and favouritism, often managed by a core crew of professional and abusive volunteers; there are of course exceptions to this general rule. Old used Linux computer in background. Digital infrared image.

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Image by Innovation_School
Renaissance Charter High School for Innovation students explore The Bronx Zoo as part of the "ecology" segment of Enrichment Week on October 24, 2012.
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