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extinct animals
Image by Nita J Y
The Kōkako is an endangered native bird of New Zealand. This is a North Island Kōkako; the South Island Kōkako is now extinct. According to Wikipedia:
The Kōkakohas a beautiful, clear, organ-like song.
Its call can carry for kilometres. Breeding pairs sing together in a bell-like duet for up to an hour in the early morning.
The Kōkako is a poor flier and seldom flies more than 100 metres. The wings of this species are relatively short and rounded. It prefers to hop and leap from branch to branch on its powerful grey legs.
Its ecological niche is frequently compared to that of a flying squirrel."
This shot was taken at Hamilton Zoo, inside the large free flight aviary.

The @donttrythis bird (or Dodo) on the right.
extinct animals
Image by mhmcfee
Great Auk on the left and Moa in the back. All flightless, all extinct by man's hand and nothing else.
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