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A few nice names for animals images I found:

In Hiding
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Image by Ian Sane

Changing things up a bit with this one. My cool and totally awesome niece has worked for the Oregon Zoo since 2004. She was gracious enough to give me a private tour of the area she works which is the Trillium Creek Family Farm located towards the north end of the zoo. After my tour ended I wandered around for a while. It was cold and raining so I was surprised to see a lot of the animals out and in view.

The zoo owns five Caracals: mom, dad, and three babies. Here is dad. His name is Cricket. Not quite as sociable as the rest of the animals Mr. Cricket thought he was well hidden in the very back behind some tall grass and a large rock. Luckily there was an even bigger rock on the outside that I could stand on. I had only one small opening through which I could reach him. Utilizing my 100-400 zoom I waited until he looked at me.

Ain’t he gorgeous?

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Image by Vassilis Online

Scientific Name:
Crocodylus niloticus

Comes From:
Most of Africa, West Madagascar.

Food Habits:
They eat more or less anything that moves that is frogs, insects, fish, birds, turtles, small and large mammals.

This very ferocious crocodile is responsible for more deaths in Africa than venomous snakes. It reaches a size of up to 4,80m.

The female will lay 40 to 70 eggs, and when the young begin to hatch, they chirp to signal the female to dig them out of the nest.

Whatchoo you looking at Willis?
names for animals
Image by RavenFire
Active Assignment for the Week of 8 May to 14 May: Wildlife in your Neighbourhood

Sometimes we spend so much time looking far away for great shots that we forget to look in our own backyards. So go close to home and show us your wildlife.

No Zoo shots.

Can be flora, fauna or a combination thereof AND should include something, no matter how subtle, to show it was in or around the neighbourhood.

Dare: Include your home in some way.
Dare II: Capture a 'decisive moment'

OK, while this is not technically "in my neighbourhood" it was taken while I was staying in Sydney for our 2nd wedding anniversary. This is one of the waterfalls in the Chinese Garden of Friendship, Sydney NSW Australia.

Modelled on the typical private gardens of the Ming Dynasty, the garden offers an insight into Chinese heritage and culture. The Chinese Garden of Friendship was designed by Sydney's Chinese sister city, Guangzhou in China.

They were named the Garden of Friendship symbolising the bond established between China and Australia.

The whole garden can not be seen from any point within the garden, encouraging the person to wander the winding paths to view each area.

WIT: Beautiful gardens, shining sunlight, a willing if very wary subject and a very quick hand. This fellow was sunning himself on the rock at the edge of the gardens near one of the "pools". To give you a better understanding of size he was about 45cm (give or take) long. I only got two shots before he decided he was no longer going to be the "willing subject".

PS, this is not a zoo or animal enclosure, this is a private garden that just happens to also be alive with wildlife in the centre of Sydney.

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