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Cool Wild Animals images

A few nice wild animals images I found:

Wild Fox hunting for News in the Fire Forest
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Image by epSos.de
Free picture about the wild fox who is hunting for mice in the real fake European park. This wildlife picture was created for you by the taxonomy friend epSos.de and it can be used for free, if you link epSos.de as the original author of the image.

A fox is a member of the family dogs (Canidae). In the German language it is so often that the red fox is meant.

Foxes are from a biological perspective, no systematic group, but by convergent evolution similar guessed types of dogs. It is necessary to distinguish between the true foxes , which has its own genus group formed of the family dog, and the dog species that actually belongs to the genus group of real dogs include, but are referred to by their appearance but as a fox.

Fox body length of about 70 cm, tail length of about 45 cm. Coat color changes were red brown, yellowish brown, taupe, to BTE black or dark brown or after-dark white.

The vulpinos ( Vulpini ) are a tribe of mammalian carnivores included in the family of canines . They are commonly known as foxes , foxes, foxes or foxes .

Currently are represented by about 27 species that are found in almost every continent, but the most widespread is the red fox ( Vulpes vulpes ), who lives in Europe and North America . Other important species are the polar fox , also known as Arctic fox , the gray fox and island fox .

Most foxes live two to three years, but can reach ten, or even exceed that age in captivity. They are generally smaller than other members of the family Canidae , such as, wolves , jackals and domestic dogs . Its distinctive features include a thin nose and a bushy tail. Other physical characteristics vary according to habitat. For example, the desert fox has large ears and short fur, whereas the Arctic fox has tiny ears and thick fur.

Foxes breed once a year. The number of puppies is usually from 1 to 6 per litter, depending on the environment, the average baby red fox ranges from 4 to 8: the maximum number of fetuses found in a female red fox is 12.

Foxes are usually considered animals monogamous , but were discovered dens common among Bengal foxes and red foxes, in the burrows of the latter as well as in those of polar foxes can also be found of "helpers."

Polar foxes often makes references, for example the approach of an enemy or during the mating season. The vocal repertoire of the red fox includes whining of aggression and a howling sound used by young foxes in winter and more often during the mating season. The repertoire of the red fox also includes barking, whining light (between females and pups) and shrieks.

Foxes are carriers of rabies , the trichinosis or the echinococcosis alveolar disease that can be fatal in humans. It should be noted that this condition is discovered many years after contracted: some people died because they believed in a liver cancer . These diseases are transmitted through saliva or feces of carnivores carriers or by ingestion of food contaminated by them.

Unlike many canids , foxes are not usually pack animals. They are solitary hunting its prey (especially rodents ). Using a jumping technique practiced from an early age, are able to kill prey swiftly. Their diet includes everything from grasshoppers to fruit and berries. Presented phenotype gland overdeveloped breast.

Foxes can be very useful for agricultural purposes. Have been employed to control pests on fruit farms, fruit leaving intact.

Foxes are one of the most popular animals in the furry fandom , and there are enough people using an anthropomorphic fox as his "alter egos" in Internet or other communities. This popularity is due to several factors, including the popularity of characters like Miles "Tails" Prower and Fox McCloud , and a series of highly successful Japanese animated world called Naruto , where the main character named as it has within itself an evil spirit or fox named Kyuubi nine tails.

The Spanish word fox was used by Johnston McCulley to name Zorro character in a series of short stories in English, on which subsequently created other works (novels, films and television series).

In China , the spirits of foxes men away from their wives. The word Chinese for "fox spirit" is the same as designating the lover in an affair.

Most agricultural damage is caused by rabbits, and this can be considerable. Yet in lowland areas, rabbits comprise 45 to 70 per cent of the diet of foxes... One study estimated that, over its lifetime, each fox was worth between £150 and £900 in increased revenue to farmers... A strong argument against killing foxes.

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wild animals
Image by Starlisa
On August 17, 2010, I was sleeping out under the stars up in the forest near Bird Creek when a woof from my dog Rio woke me up... this little creature was really checking us out from a tree about 20-30 feet away. I had my camera laying beside me and got a few fuzzy shots, what can I say my eyes were fuzzy too at Dawn! he moved so quickly and it was such dim light still this was the best I could do. This is only the second time in my life I have seen one of these shy little creatures

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raysweb.net/wildlife/pages/08.html the information from this link is shown below

Pine Marten
[North American: Martes americana]
[European: Martes martes]

"Pine martens are elusive nocturnal mammals which are found in pine forests and rocky scree areas. Suitable refuge sites include rocky crevices, disused squirrel nests (dreys) and holes in trees. Their fur is dark brown to black in colour with conspicuous creamy-orange throat patches. They have a pointed muzzle, prominent ears and a bushy tail. From head to tail adults are 64-81cm (25-32 inches) long . They weigh 1.3-1.7kg (2.8-3.7lb).

Feeding Pine martens are excellent climbers, and climb with agility in a squirrel-like manner from tree to tree as they search for food sources (such as birds, squirrels, rodents, rabbits, eggs, beetles, berries and even honey). They may also track down food on the ground where they are equally at home as in the trees.

Pine marten signs: Tracks and droppings indicate the presence of pine martens. Their foot prints are round and cat-like with five toes; claw prints are normally absent as they are only visible in soft ground. Droppings containing hair and feathers are deposited in regular latrines near to a boulder or log. "

Dramatic Prairie Dog
wild animals
Image by theaterculture
Well, not SO dramatic...but he's an "Animal Ambassador" at the San Diego Wild Animal Park, which is sorta like show bizness.

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