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Cool Photo Of Animals images

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Gracie B&W
photo of animals
Image by puck90
Gracie is my new foster dog. She is an 8 month old Chihuahua who is suffering from Demodectic mange, a non-contagious form of mange which causes scabby bald patches all over her body. Grace was rescued from the Baldwin Park Shelter. She was obviously a victim of neglect. The first 8 months of her life were not so good and we will try to make the next few months much better.

Animal Advocates Alliance

"Her *&%^*# former humans dumped her after mistreatment reached obscene. The county is investigating."

photo of animals
Image by qnr
Waiting for the stretcher, periodically shifting her from side to side to give her internal organs a break. Keeping her warm and comforted, and ensuring that her head and blow hole were kept out of the surf.

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