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Cool Names For Animals images

A few nice names for animals images I found:

Grey & Puffy
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Image by DiscoveringNewSpecies
A strange furry grey-colored moth.
It is very brave, does not get frightened easily when disturbed, maybe it is confident of it's camouflage or defense mechanism.

Name: Lepidoptera > Limacodidae > Scopelodes albipalpalis
Location: Aristo Inn, Kundasang, Sabah, Malaysia.
Date: 11 Dec 2009
Time: 8:30 pm

RIP Shamrock, a stray bully dog that did not survive...
names for animals
Image by Beverly & Pack
My Name Was Shamrock

My name was Shamrock.
You never knew me but I existed.
I may have been a family pet at one time.
Discarded like last years Christmas present after the new wore off.
I may have been someones symbol of macho manhood.
Fighting in a bloody pit hidden in a garage.
I may have been the dog digging through your trash,
that you cursed and threw rocks at.
How many of you looked at me
and turned your head away
not wanting to see the ugliness of my abuse and neglect.
Had you looked at me , into my eyes,
Oh what you may have seen and learned.
I had love and companionship to give, kisses to share,

feelings .....
and many many wags of the tail that I rarely got to use.
I became resigned to the fact that the life I was living
was just the cards I been dealt.
Thin, dirty, sick, and not by any fault of mine,
a breed people happen to fear and loath.
One day , as I lie alone and close to death I saw a glimps of life,
the way it should have been for me.
A gentle hand with the touch of an angel stroked my filthy fur.

I heard a gentle voice tell me that I was worthy of love,
and there was a better life to be had.
I was taken to a place where people were not afraid of me.
I was given the name Shamrock , for luck.
Oh how I wish these people could have found me sooner.
I wanted so much to experience this life.
I tried so hard to regain the vigor and hope I once had.
I tried , but it was just to late.
I know you did all you could for me.
The last days of my life made up for the horror I had
I wanted you to know...
my crossing was peaceful. Thanks to you.
I left feeling loved , warm and safe
Not to bad for a mangy, skinny dog with no name.
My name was Shamrock.

-auther unknown, shared by photographer Rebecca Snook Young

Note: Shamrock: a stray picked up by the shelter, severely emaciated and anemic. Donations were made but we were too late.....Shamrock had to be euthanized.

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