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Cool About Pet Animals images

A few nice about pet animals images I found:

Happy Tails: Maverick
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Image by LollypopFarm
I adopted Maverick almost a month ago. I had to think about it as he has a few "special needs" and he is 9 years old. I am so glad I went back and got him! He is the BEST cat, so well behaved, and friendly. I call him Mr. Mellow. He loves to lay on the back of the couch and lounge. He knows his name and comes running when I calll him. He always wants to be near me and doesn't seem to be bothered by anything. He is very vocal when he is hungry, which is most of the time since he is on a diet to get his weight down and keep his blood glucose normal. He loves catnip, his catnip filled mouse and his "cat dancer" toy. Thank you to Keirsten at Lollypop Farm who helped me with my search, and to the vet who took him home and fostered him to get his weight down and his blood glucose back to normal. I couldn't have asked for a better cat!


C'mon, stroke me. You know you want to!
about pet animals
Image by sunnyUK
There are a few musings about Bully and the Cream Machine on my blog at imaginary-visions.co.uk/2010/bully-and-the-cream-machine/

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