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Cool Names For Animals images

Some cool names for animals images:

Geraldo is adopted quickly/ Geraldo fue adoptado rapido
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Image by AmazonCARES
We all love him so, and he was such a SMART dog. Yet, we must be joyful when a pet finds a family of his own. All adoptees receive a beautiful, high quality collar and lead due to the generosity of lupinepet.com.

Geraldo is named for Gerald Pool, a supporter and Advisor for Amazon CARES. Thank you Gerald!


El era un perrito muy inteligente y hermoso, pero es maravilloso cuando ellos encuentran su propia casa. Todas nuestras adopciones llevan un collar y un leash, gracias a su generosidad.

Baby Cavendish's Dik Dik (Madoqua kirkii cavendishi)
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Image by warriorwoman531
This adorable baby was born at the San Diego Zoo in December 2010.

Dik-diks are a type of small antelope that is native to eastern and south-western Africa named for the alarm calls of the females, which make a dik-dik, or zik-zik sound. In addition to the female's alarm call, both the male and female make a shrill whistling sound.

Parson Russell Terrier
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Image by Llima

The Parson Russell Terrier was first bred in the south of England in the mid-1800's to hunt European red fox, both over and under the ground.

Once known as the Jack Russell Terrier, the Parson is now recognized by the American Kennel Club. The name was changed in April, 2003.

The Parson Russell is named for the most renowned of British huntsmen, Rev. John Russell, "The Sporting Parson" (1795-1883), whose passion for foxhunting, hounds and working terriers is legendary.

This terrier was used to hunt small game, particularly fox, by digging them out of their den.

They are great companions as long as they get enough exercise. If they don't they can become a nuisance.

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