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Cool About Pet Animals images

A few nice about pet animals images I found:

nude - asleep
about pet animals
Image by nick see
talk about no inhibitions.

about pet animals
Image by TiIikum
About a month ago a kitten wondered into our garage only to go noticed by my brother in law, who spends time in there at night. He made us aware if it and the next night we were on the look out for it. By the time it arrived it became painfully obvious it wasn’t used to humans or interaction with them at all. I t was also obvious that it was underweight and probably left mother just a little too soon. We left it alone after attempts to get it to come closer to us failed.

Over the next few days it started coming around more and more and eventually decided to call our garage a home and our other cat, Tangerine, it’s companion. While it’s still won’t let humans near it, it will allow us to play with it with the toy pictured in this photo. As long as I can play with it while it’s comfort level is intact that’s good enough for me. However that doesn’t stop it from making a dash for it if I so much as twitch.

As of right now it’s no longer a bag of bones like it used to be and is becoming very playful and friendly with Tangerine. They both eat together, lay together and it loves to pounce at him. Though there’s still no determined gender my mother has taken to calling it Angel.

What the cat thinks...
about pet animals
Image by Lorianne DiSabato
...about Malcolm Gladwell's What the Dog Saw
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