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Cool Names For Animals images

Some cool names for animals images:

City Mythics: Road Kill
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Image by Dylan
I am pleased with how little people know about their own cities. Everything is so specialized. While the person who picks up roadkill doesn't know what happens to the water that goes down the drain the water treatment worker doesn't know who put all the cable in the ground or even when and the cable person doesn't know where trolleys go to sleep at night and the trolley driver doesn't know who picked up that dead squirrel they saw smashed next to the left rail yesterday.

Thus after all that, there is City Mythics. I don't have a name for him yet. But since I don't know how road kill is taken care of in Philadelphia I made up a mythic deity to take care of it until I do know.

For now I know that one day road kill is there. The next day it isn't.

All source images are my own. I'll post the dead squirrel photo later.

[it is 4am, I just made this up. Maybe I should pick lighter reading material. I am going to bed now.]

I've caught lunch
names for animals
Image by 10b travelling
The lizard has a) a baby mole; b) a baby mouse; c) a vole; d) any other ideas?

I'd welcome any names for the creatures!

Geraldo is adopted quickly./ Geraldo fue adoptado
names for animals
Image by AmazonCARES
We all love him so, and he was such a SMART dog. Yet, we must be joyful when a pet finds a family of his own. All adoptees receive a beautiful, high quality collar and lead due to the generosity of lupinepet.com.

Geraldo is named for Gerald Pool, a supporter and Advisor for Amazon CARES. Thank you Gerald!


El era un perrito muy inteligente y hermoso, pero es maravilloso cuando ellos encuentran su propia casa. Todas nuestras adopciones llevan un collar y un leash, gracias a su generosidad.

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